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Android developers are in high demand as android OS holds the biggest mobile OS market share. Stats show that 1 out of 4 mobile devices runs android OS and the number is on rise. So, if you are looking to find an Android Developer for your next mobile app development project, you are in the right track.

Here are few key things you need to look at while choosing your android app development company:

Unlike iOS development, Android development has a main challenge in terms of UI design. While iPhone screens are of same size (iPhone 4 and 5), android phones have a multitude of screen size. So, you need to make sure your android app is developed and designed to look and work fine in these range of screen sizes.

  • Make sure your android developer use flexible relative layouts not fixed pixels.
  • Check if your android developer can use fragments. Fragments are introduced by Android primarily to support more dynamic and flexible UI designs in android development. Learn more about fragments in android development.
  • Simply ask them what techniques their android developer follow to ensure your android app works fine in android phones with different screen size.
  • Any experienced android developer would be familiar with different android versions, the popular Android SDK's, range of android devices, and the importance of web integration in android app development. Test their knowledge in these topics.

Finally, whether you are developing in android or anything else, you need to check some critical things about the android developer before you outsource your android app development needs, like; Design requirements and business requirements may often change during the development. Ask them what process they follow for change requests for android development

  • Do they have a proper testing process in place?
  • Do they offer any free support once your app is live?
  • Ask for client references.
  • What similar experience they have - in terms of functionality and domain?

At Omate®, we have the right app development and project management process in place to ensure success of your android application development project. Our team of android developers have built hundreds of android apps ranging from simple business apps to complex enterprise apps. Based on your constraints like budget, time to market, complexity of app, etc we choose the right android developer for your project. We address all the points we discussed above.

With the right legal contracts in place, we provide 100% protection of your investment and your intellectual property. If you are considering developing an android app for your business, please make sure you consult with us before making a decision on your android developer.

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Citiwide Homeloans had a series of offline calculators which they use to provide insighful financial information to their clients. Citiwide came to us with the idea of making the calculators into mobile apps to deliver more value to their clients. Within 3 months of our initial meeting, all the calculators were up on the App Store as iPad apps and Google Play as Android apps. Citiwide Homeloans acted and now have additional digital assets to deliver value and expand its engagement with its clients.

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"I have been working with OMate® for more than 12 months now during which we built 3 mobile apps, a number of very complex web applications and currently working on a website for lead generation. You [have] the technical knowledge and ability to deliver complex applications, you are easy and pleasant to deal with, your response time to queries is always quick and more than everything all projects have been delivered on time and within budget. Our intention is to keep working with you guys and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone."

Patrick Marion, Managing Director, Citiwide Homeloans

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