3 OMate Tips for More Effective Google Ads

Google Ads can be a boon for your business. These are the ads that appear whenever you conduct a Google Search. There has been lots written on the subject and here’s our take on tips for writing effective ad copies.


Tip 1 – Check Your Landing Pages : Review your website and look out for which pages you want to target for your ads and do they all have a distinct Call to Action. Moreover, make sure the keywords you are targeting are contained on the landing pages as well. Your Google Ad QScore will depend on this. Having relevant content on your landing pages will mean your Ads QScore will be higher which means your ad will be positioned more favorably. Checking for a clear and compelling Call To Action is also important to the success of your campaign.

Tip2 – Research Current Ads : Google keywords that you are targeting for your ads and see the plethora of what your competitors are saying. If not for inspiration, then look for niches for which you can differentiate yourself. Eg if everyone is advertising low prices, you may want to offer faster delivery times. This is a good opportunity to do some competitive analysis! You may even want to schedule this as a monthly task to be done during your downtime.

Tip 3 – Call To Action : This was mentioned on tip 1 but refers to the actual landing page. Your Ads should also have the same effect. “Find out more” is not as compelling as “Get your Widget for $25. Today only!” Users immediately know what they’re getting into and only those interested will click. Great Ad Copy will help visitor self select, therefore improving your CTR thus making utilizing your budget more effectively.

These are some of the tips we’ve come up with from our work providing digital marketing services as OMate. Feel free to ask us any questions or if you’d like to an audit of your ad campaign! Contact Us to have fresh insight into your AdWord campaign!

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