8 Awesome Apps for Busy Business Owners to Add More Time to Your Life

We get it – running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to keep a million appointments, schedule hundreds of meetings, speak to a number of overseas clients and still manage to buy your spouse an anniversary present or attend your child’s swim meet! With your business taking up so much of your time, your personal life will have to take a backseat. Thankfully, a number of mobile apps are here to help you make optimum use of your time at work.

AsanaAsana: Asana helps you delegate projects, oversee duties and cope with deadlines even when you are not at work. Asana helps you stay in touch with your colleagues by letting you create a common task list and disseminate it to them. You can track the progress of various tasks and even update the task list on the go!

Uber: Uber connects passengers to luxurious car transportation available in the city. If you need to go on an unplanned business trip, you can arrange for luxurious car transportation in a minute. Uber helps you get connected to private drivers and set the pickup location on the map. (You need not worry if you are not sure of the address). You have options to track your hired car, compare rates, receive the receipt by email before you reach your destination and pay your bill by PayPal or credit card for a secure transaction.

ExpensifyExpensify: Expensify helps business people prepare a travel expense report effortlessly. It has an inbuilt scanner which can scan receipts and read the details automatically. You also have the option to calculate your travel expenses in terms of time and distance.

HootsuiteHootSuite: HootSuite helps business owners manage their multiple social media profiles at one place. You can distribute the automated content & posts among different social networking media. HootSuite offers a one-stop solution for all your social networking needs. You can also schedule updates, tweets and posts in advance, when you are away from work.

WTBWorld Time Buddy: World Time Buddy provides a world clock and lets you visually convert between time zones. It keeps you informed about your appointments and helps you schedule meetings and conference calls between international business contacts.

TrelloTrello: Trello is a whiteboard which offers a high degree of flexibility in managing your work. You can use it for your individual work or for teamwork with friends, colleagues, co-workers and family members. With this app you can create a check-list of work to be completed and assign duties to others in a group. You also have options to send videos, photos and comments to update members in the group.

Sleep CycleSleep Cycle: Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock which wakes you up at the right time. According to sleep science, human beings have different phases of sleep which range from deep sleep to light sleep. Alarm clocks, in general, interrupt your sleep cycle when they wake you up. But this app tracks the phases of your sleep using an inbuilt accelerometer and wakes you up when you are in the lightest sleep phase, to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. A good night’s sleep helps you work on your business activities with a fresh mind.

BoomerangBoomerang: Boomerang is a scheduling app for your Gmail account which lets you send mail replies at a predetermined time. The app also reminds you when you don’t get replies for your sent mails within a stipulated time. These features help you keep track of mail correspondences, and can be very useful for business owners who get umpteen number of mails on a daily basis.

Time management is a key factor that determines your business’ success. The aforementioned apps could help you achieve great results in all your business endeavors.

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