Custom Software Development


Custom Software Development

A custom software development company like no other, OMate® has access to expert developers across the world in Java, RoR, PHP, .net, iOS, android, windows and other software development languages. We build custom software for web, mobile and desktop. With expert knowledge in cloud hosting like Amazon web services, we can ensure your custom software has a 100% uptime.

Many of our custom software development projects has high level integration with third party applications, web to mobile integration and our team has the required expertise in handling a variety of API’s for integration.

We follow a waterfall approach for some smaller fixed bid software development projects and agile methodology for most complex projects. With 2 levels of testing, we iron out most of the bugs before the software is submitted for your UAT.

You will be provided with dedicated consultants who act as the single point of contact to manage your custom software development project to provide you with a pleasant and effort less experience.

If you are looking for a custom software development company that can build high quality, user friendly software at competitive rates, contact us via the form or call us on 1300 781 794 for an obligation free discussion.

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"The experience that I had with your team was number one, absolutely exceptional and that was primarily beacause of the attention to detail that was brought to the project.  I have had the the opportunity to work with what I would say probably some of the best technologists in the world and in terms of the scope of what you guys work with, I have to say you guys are number one in terms of  your understanding of the  technology platforms and  the suggestions that you guys came to the table with."

MR. George Kaponay, EX-Corporate IT Sales Manager

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