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Omate® is a full service digital marketing company providing digital marketing services across a wide range of channels to our clients in Sydney, Melbourne and other major cities across Australia.

While we can help our clients with marketing using a variety of digital channels, we mainly offer;

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Before explaining more about services, let us quickly explain what is digital marketing and why the digital marketing industry in Australia is getting flooded with so called digital marketing agencies.

Digital marketing can include any marketing activity that make use of digital devices like computer, mobile phones, consoles, digital display boards, etc. Internet marketing is just one type of digital marketing. For example, you can create a native iphone app for your business for branding purposes and this may be classified as digital marketing but not internet marketing. Similarly, you can use third party push notification or SMS service provides to push messages to users. This is also a digital marketing activity and does not require internet. Even agencies that help with TV advertisements or radio advertisements are classified as a digital marketing agency.

As you can appreciate, this kind of marketing especially using internet and mobile have many advantages over traditional marketing like cheaper cost, easier to target customers, easier to track ROI, etc.

Now that you understand what is digital marketing, we call ourselves a digital marketing agency rather than internet marketing agency because we can help our clients with building their digital market assets like mobile apps, promotional videos, etc. If you like to find more about how we can help you create mobile apps for marketing your business, read here

There is a plethora of internet marketing and digital marketing opportunities for businesses such as SEO, Google adwords, conversion optimisation, banner ads, facebook ads, social media campaign, email marketing. mobile marketing, etc.

  • At OMate®, we first analyse the situation of your business before committing to a particular digital marketing campaign. This is to work out the desired outcome of your campaign and set targets for your campaign.
  • Next, we identify the channel(s) most suited to maximise your ROI and align to the tone of your brand.
  • Finally, we design and implement (and monitor) the right internet marketing campaign for your business to achieve the target.

If you are looking to outsource your digital marketing, please contact us for a free consultation to see how our digital marketing agency can help you market your business in Australia and across the world.

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