Digital Marketing Consulting


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Established businesses can use apps mainly for 3 reasons. Marketing needs where you can use your app to reach new customers or actively engage with your existing clients. Sales needs where you sell your products and services from your web or mobile app. User engagement/productivity needs where you can either automate business process or reduce the time spent on various activities to improve the way your customers, employees and other users consume your business data. We offer our services under the 2 categories to help you become a leader in digital adoption in your industry. Based on your need, we recommend one or both of the services.

  1. Digital position assessment

    • We analyse your business, look at your existing digital systems and perform stakeholder interviews to find out what your digital position is and where you can go or want to go.
    • We identify opportunities within your business where latest web, mobile technologies can provide business value.
    • Based on your need, time and cost constraints, we shall prepare your customised digital strategy with prioritised action plans.
  2. Digital strategy implementation/outsourcing facilitation

    • We implement your digital strategy by working on the action plans identified in your digital position assessment
    • If you already know exactly what you want, we can help the implementation of it in terms of website, mobile apps, SEO and other internet marketing services by using our network of technology specialists and our rock-solid project management processes/tools.

We offer one hour free consultation to see where you are at and recommend the right place to start. Book your 1 hour free consultation. Note: Appointments are made a week in advance.