Do Good Friday


Digital Experts Transforming Lives!

Do Good Friday is a social initiative by Omate® and its technology partners in India. Our mission is to assist Not-for-Profits based out of Australia to reach their goals in improving living standards of disadvantaged communities in developing countries.

What we offer:

Our digital experts work closely with founders of not-for-profits to:

  1. Assess their current online presence
  2. Identify opportunities to engage a wider audience to help reach the goal
  3. Design a digital strategy and list action items
  4. Implement the action plans by engaging our digital experts.

Our digital expert team in India behind Do Good Friday.


Emantras Inc:

Emantras is a global ISO certified company that has been around for Ten years, and boasts a comprehensive and culturally diverse team of approximately 250 motivated associates working in latest web and mobile technologies with a focus on e-learning.



With about 150 employees, Railsfactory is one of the largest RoR development companies in Asia Pacific serving clients around the globe with quality service in cutting edge application development.


If you like to be part of this network and can contribute at least one employee's time one day a week consistently towards the cause, please email