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AdWords Grants Program – Google's way of saying 'We Care'

The search engine behemoth is doing its bit for the society by allowing not-for-profit organisations to leverage its phenomenal power and thus, widen its reach and coverage, in order to raise funds or create awareness. Google AdWords marketed under the Pay Per Click agreement has become a key online advertising channel. If you are an eligible non-profit organisation, your web visibility can be increased tremendously through Google Grant's $10000 worth of free advertising credits.


However, being eligible and successfully signing up for this program is just one step. You would need to manage your AdWords campaigns effectively so that Google doesn't shut down the program due to inactivity. But, how would you know what to do, when to do it, or how to do it effectively?


Connect with OMate® to address these concerns.


OMate® helps eligible non-profit organizations to gain maximum coverage by making use of the Google Grants program and brings enhanced visibility over the online space.


Who is eligible?

OMate® makes sure that a thorough review and analysis of the organization's activities and objectives is carried out to ensure whether it is eligible for Google Grants. Below are some guidelines that OMate® provides to help you get started –


  • Creating online presence in form of a robust and functional website
  • Creating ads that link to the website
  • Determining the keywords most relevant to your organization's missions
  • Setting up account
  • Avoiding other revenue sourcing ads such as AdSense that may render a site ineligible for the Grants program
  • Strategically managing AdWords campaigns


Google has also laid down strict criteria that determine eligibility for its Grants program:


  • Eligible under 501 (c) (3) status of the US IRS or equivalent
  • Eligible only for Google and no other search engines
  • Maximum budget of $10000 per month
  • Maximum CPC bid limit of $2 as on January 2013
  • Campaigns can only be targeted based on keywords


What's more, if you are eligible, OMate® helps you in registering and applying for the grant, setting up your account, and managing the program with clockwork precision, thereby providing the best ROI for your investment.

Why you should apply for it today?

Through the Google Grants program, one can have practically unlimited reach and scope. The coverage will help non-profit entities in various activities such as

  • Enhancing general reach to the public on a global scale
  • Capturing the attention of the online segment
  • Raising funds
  • Recruitment


If you are providing valuable community service in the fields of education, science, public health, or environment and are looking for ways to promote your initiatives OMate® can help you with the Grants program.

How to make the best out of your grant?

Google has reported that on an average, a grantee uses just $300 - $400 of the monthly allocation of $10000 on AdWords. The reasons can be many – insufficient time, incomplete know-how, or inefficient management of the program on an on-going basis. This is where the professional services of OMate® will help your organisation. Some of the innovative methods we use to bring out the best in your grant include:


Keyword research – We not only streamline the ad campaigns, but also conduct extensive research to ensure that your keywords match your campaign objectives. We also ensure that your campaign is listed on the top when a user queries with relevant search strings. We employ a blend of short and long tail keywords that not only captures difficult-to-achieve rankings but also draws qualified traffic to your site.


Streamlined process – Different objectives need to be outlined for a non-profit organisation and each of these will require different campaigns that focus just on the associated objective. This helps in narrowing down your target audience and extracts the best possible performance out of the campaign.


The power of good copy – Content is the sole medium that helps you connect with your target audience under the Google Grants program. Thus, your copy needs to be easily capable of being absorbed by technically sound people as well as by laymen.


Analytics for insights – We help you keep a close eye on the traffic situation and monitor the success of the AdWords programs. We employ industry-standard tools such as Google Analytics, which give you a clear picture of the efficacy of your site, and how deeply itpenetrates your target audience.


The fact that Google has spent almost $700 million till date on AdWords Grants should be a good indicator of how much value these grants hold for not-for-profit organisations. If you are looking to tap into this resourceful potential, contact us at OMate® today to set up and successfully manage your AdWords campaigns within this program.


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