7 Steps to Grow your Business with Google


Attention Business Owners and Marketing Managers!

If you are looking for ways to grow your established business faster to take it to the next level, you now have access to the right information.

Your website has the potential to be your top sales person, but is it yet?

It has the potential to generate massive amounts of new leads and business but you can’t just sit and wait for your leads to fall out of the sky. There are a number of sources to drive qualified traffic to your website and unarguably, Google remains the #1 source of traffic for most websites.

In this webinar series, you will learn the 7 steps to strategically grow your business with Google and make your website a lead generation machine.

Webinars are run on alternate Wednesdays at 10 a.m. in the order as follows. Complete your contact details in the form to receive email invites to the webinars. We keep your information safe and secure.

Webinar 1 – The Power of Google.

“Today's business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete. The challenge for marketers is to be present in these channels at all times with content that educates buyers and helps guide commercial decisions.”


  1. How is Google used by businesses and consumers to make buying decisions? And why your business needs visibility in Google.
  2. Overview of the different Google marketing channels that can drive business to your website- Google SEO, Google Search ads, Google display ads, Mobile ads
  3. Key Google Statistics – Search volume trends, market shares and other Google trends

Webinar 2 - Is Google Marketing Right for your Business?

How do you know if Google marketing will work for your business? Use free tools to analyse and make an informed decision about making the right choice with your online marketing investment.


  1. How to use free keyword tools to understand how much business you can possibly get from Google search engine?
  2. How to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for and how they are doing with their online presence compared to yours?
  3. How can you use this data to make informed decisions?

Webinar 3 – Does SEO Still Work? How to Pick the Right SEO Team and Avoid Costly Mistakes?

Google is constantly evolving and today there is so much scepticism around the value of SEO. Google has penalised a lot of sites for unethical SEO practices and you don’t want to be one of them.


  1. What is SEO and how the evolution of the Google Algorithm has made people question the value of SEO?
  2. On-page and off-page SEO techniques and how only quality content drives SEO
  3. The difference between white hat and black hat techniques and how to ensure you work with the right SEO experts

Webinar 4 – Targeting the Right Users at the Right Time with Google Ads

Most traditional marketing techniques do not allow you to run them exclusively for your target market. With Google, you can make your ads appear exclusively for people looking for your products and services


  1. Different types of Google Ads – Search ads, display ads, mobile ads
  2. How can you direct your marketing towards your target demographic?
  3. How can you make the most of your ad spend so that every single dollar of yours is utilised properly?
  4. Remarketing – how to remain first on the minds of your prospects?

Webinar 5 – Converting Visitors to Leads.

All the hard work and money spent on bringing traffic with SEO and ads are useful only when your bucket has no holes in it. How to ensure your website the best chances to convert traffic into business?


  1. Universal laws of influence and how to ensure your website is your best salesman to persuade and influence your visitors to take action
  2. Continuously improve your website conversion by testing different calls-to-action, elements and sales copies.
  3. Examples of some successful HIGH converting websites. What do you see in common and what can you take away and implement in your site immediately?

Webinar 6 - Google Analytics - Keep Track of your Results Against your Spend and Analyse the Traffic to Maximise your Marketing Effectiveness

You can manage only what you can measure. One of the common reasons for businesses going bankrupt is not maintaining proper accounts.

  1. Defining your micro and macro conversion goals, setting up “thank you” pages to track your website goals
  2. What are the key stats business owners and marketing managers must look for in Analytics to track the progress of their website performance
  3. Technical – how to set-up automatic reports , goals and IP filters in Google Analytics to make it easy and effective to use

Webinar 7 – Using the Right CRM Software to Ensure you are Making the Most of your Sales

All worked well and you are getting a good number of leads continuously from your website. Now you need to ensure you follow up with the leads in the most effective and efficient way possible


  1. List of popular cloud based CRM’s and how to choose the right one for your business
  2. Integrating a CRM with your website to ensure your leads are captured automatically
  3. CRM – Best practice processes and approach for effective use of CRM systems

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