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How important is page speed?

In today’s digital age, page load speed is in top of the list when it comes to good user experience. Many research shows users do not want to wait more than 2-3 seconds for a page to load. Google actually recommends that websites must render the Above The Fold content (i.e. the part of the website users can see without scrolling down) in less than a second on a mobile network. Source: Google


A research done by Google comparing 10 results against 30 results in a search result page showed that less users visited the resulting pages in 30 result page because the 30 results page was loading slower than 10 results page. Several more caste studies have shown slow speed can lose users significantly. Today most online content are consumed on the go, while in a train/tram, while waiting in a coffee queue, etc. Delay by few seconds means lost sales or inquiry.


On top of losing users, you ranking or visibility of your site itself gets affected due to loading speeds. Both organic search and paid search are affected by page speed. Google search ranking algorithm now considers the page speed as one of the ranking factors. In Google ads, the quality score of your ad can be affected by page speed. This means that you may be paying more for your ads because of your slow site. See what Google say here.


Is your website burning your money due to slow load time?

Google measures speed of the site using a metric called page speed score. It has a range of 0 to 100. Google considers the website with score of above 85 as a fast site. If your score is in the 40- 70 mark, then your site definitely has some room for improvement. If you are ranking less than 40 , then we would say you are definitely burning your money and losing your sales because of your slow website.


To find out your website speed score, go to below link and type your URL.


How can OMate® help?

There are many common techniques that are followed to improve page speed. We do the initial analysis on your site to find out if your site speed can be improved and by how much. We identify which changes can make the most improvement to your site. We have standard packages and also provide customised quotes based on your needs. Please check out our standard packages below. Our goal is to get your page speed score to 80 plus


Package and Price:


Sl.No Technique Level 1 Level 2 Enterprise for large sites
1 Enable compression
2 Avoid landing page redirects
3 Minify CSS
4 Minify HTML
5 Minify JavaScript
6 Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
7 Leverage browser caching  
8 Optimize images  
9 Reduce server response time  
10 Prioritize visible content  
11 Reduce unnecessary Plug-in *  
12 CDN setup **  
13 Code and server analysis and customised optimisation    
  Approximate cost $600 $1200 $3000 +

* Wordpress only

** Server hosting cost is not included


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